Kristy Bailey


Pablo Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Kristy Bailey has found her gift: to inspire and empower other people to discover their own gifts and achieve their professional dreams and goals. Whether acting as a coach, mentor, team member, or supportive colleague, Kristy focuses on nurturing the potential in each person whose life she touches. Her chosen field of dreams is real estate, and she brings over 20 years of solid experience in selling, managing, training and coaching to her clients. She especially loves working with new agents, helping them build their businesses, work through challenges, and identify the “why” in their pursuit of success. Once they know why they want to succeed, Kristy shows them how. 


Kristy brings more than a wealth of experience to her work. She brings kindness, compassion, enthusiasm, and authenticity, along with an unwavering belief that the measure of her own success depends entirely upon her willingness to be of service to others. These core values are woven through everything she undertakes, and she does it all with a positive energy that lights up the room and inspires others to do their absolute best. Kristy does not limit her mission simply to supplying fine-tuned systems, tools, and models; she teaches people how and why they work, and guides them through an ongoing process of highly rewarding professional development. Never one to rest on her laurels, Kristy continues to create and innovate to ensure that her coaching and mentoring are always ready to adapt to an ever-changing industry and meet her own high standard of excellence.


No matter what the field of endeavor, service has always been at the core of Kristy’s life. When her now adult sons were in elementary school, she led a “Sister School” Program teaching children altruism and global responsibility. The program raised over $50K to fund the construction of multiple classrooms, fill a library with books and buy baseball equipment for kids in Kenya. Of all the accomplishments that program produced, the one Kristy cherishes the most is that the children in her community learned they have the power to change the world. She herself is guided by that lesson, taking every opportunity to change the world around her for the better. 


Renee Mello

Contracts Instructor

Experience, dedication, knowledge, and perseverance—the ingredients for success. Renee Mello brings all that and more to her long and distinguished real estate career. “You can achieve any goal if you are willing to put in the work,” she says, adding, “but my ultimate aim is to be of service, to put my clients’ needs first.” Recently honored as Santa Cruz County’s “Realtor of the Year,” Renee is a native Californian, a “local girl with local values,” as she herself puts it, who learned at an early age that a willingness to work hard at every endeavor makes all the difference, from spending childhood summers picking fruit on her family farm, to earning her MBA while working full-time in computer sales. Combining a solid educational background with an impressive resume of professional experience (including work as a Relationship Manager at Bank of America), Renee has made a lasting mark in the real estate business. She has earned key professional certifications including Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate – Realtor Institute (GRI), and Seller Representative Specialist (SRS). One of her specialty areas is working with seniors, particularly those who may be relying on the proceeds of their homes to finance retirement. 


Renee offers a depth and breadth of knowledge that can only be acquired through experience, and each of her clients benefits greatly from her desire to protect their interests. She is all about service, not simply sales. She is a good listener and a skilled negotiator whose primary goal is setting up win-win situations that benefit everyone involved. She does so by anticipating and staying ahead of potential problems, and by ensuring that her clients are kept fully informed at all times. “It’s important to see every transaction through your clients’ eyes, understand their individual perceptions, and address all of their concerns.” 


Eager that all of her less experienced colleagues should enjoy success, Renee devotes significant time to mentoring and coaching agents who are launching their careers. She finds great satisfaction in passing on the lessons she has learned in more than 20 years in the real estate business, demonstrating by example that the keys to becoming a top-notch agent are good old-fashioned hard work, genuine compassion, and a high degree of selflessness. Though all of her professional activities are demanding, she still finds time in her schedule for ongoing community service, including stints as President of the Rotary Club, the Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds Foundation, and the Women’s Club, and has served on the Santa Cruz County Hospice Board of Directors. Having earned the respect of her professional peers, Renee has also been the Director of the Santa Cruz Association of Realtors, as well as Regional Chair, and currently Director, of the California Association of Realtors.